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River Great Ouse by Steve Bond

The River Great Ouse is navigable for over 74 miles from Bedford to Kings Lynn with St Neots about 15 miles from Bedford leaving a 59 mile run to the sea.

There are a total of 18 locks along the 74.8 miles (120.3km) of the main line of the river.  There are also connections to the navigable drains of the New Bedford River (20.8 miles), Old Bedford River (12.3 miles) and Flood Relief Channel from Denver Sluice to near King’s Lynn.

The maximum size of boat that can navigate throughout the Great Ouse is:
length: 85′ 4″ (26 metres)
beam: 10′ 4″ (3.1 metres)
height: 7′ 7″ (2.3 metres) – Denver Sluice
draught: 3′ 3″ (1.0 metres) – tidal section will fluctuate with the tide.

The tidal river below Denver Sluice is suitable only for sea-going vessels.  The river is also tidal between Brownhill Staunch and Hermitage Sluice, along with the New Bedford River. Denver Sluice is operated by a lock keeper – Telephone 01366 382340.

For more information visit the Great Ouse Boating Association website.