Jail Break Escape Room Experience

Start date: 1 May 19

until 3 August 19

- Time: various

Location: St Neots Museum


St Neots Museum, in partnership with Mystery in History, are proud to present the third season of Jailbreak in 2019. The first 2 seasons saw over 1000 people take part in the experience.

The Scenario
It is Spring 1996. St Neots is celebrating the recent opening of a brand new museum, and you and your friends are excited about the prospect of visiting. You have a booked a private viewing with the assistant curator, but on arrival the helpful – but slightly brusque – caretaker has taken you to a remote part of the museum to wait for your tour to begin. Unfortunately, there are a number of teething errors and diary oversights…. and the assistant curator has gone home, unaware of your booking. You and your friends have been left alone in the museum. You find you are trapped and face spending the night there….. unless you can escape. You soon realise that the only way to break out….. is to break in!

The challenge
After being locked in, you and your colleagues will have 60 minutes to break out. You will have to pass through four stages, culminating in your escape through the main gate to the cell corridor. These stages get progressively more complex so you will need to work together, promptly, from the very moment the game starts.

This game does not require any strength or physical force. All the information you need to escape is already provided.

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