Our thank you to photographers

We think St Neots is a beautiful town and so do the residents. This is made clear by the amount of local photographers who kindly contribute their images to this site. So we think it’s very important to promote and support them, so here’s a list of all the contributors and their contact details. If you are a photographer and would like to join them please contact us or email your portfolio link.

Local photographers

Stock images

Where possible we have sourced images from local photographers, however for more generic themes we have used a variety of sources which are listed below in accordance with Creative Commons usage rights.

Open air archaeological museum, Slovakia by Marek Novotnak
Image via Flickr

Legio XXI Rapax: Roman reenactment by Roberto Maldeno
Image via Flickr

The Family of Henry VIII by unknown artist
In the Hampton Court Palace collection

English Civil War reenactment in 2007 by Tim Sheerman-Chase
Image via Flickr

Cambridgeshire Community Archive

We have sourced historical images of St Neots from the Cambridgeshire Community Archive

Flying Scotsman steaming through St Neots Railway Station in 1967 by Gary Childerley

Paines Brewery in St Neots, seen from the Henbrook side, 1900

St Neots High Street decorated for the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1897