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Riverside Miniature Railway – 2018 Opening Dates


The newly formed Riverside Miniature Railway is located in St Neots picturesque Riverside Park and is run entirely by volunteer railway enthusiasts. The Railway operates at weekends and daily during the school holidays between Easter and October. Trains are run at low speed for safety, but dogs should be kept under control and young children should be supervised at all times.

Visit www.riversiderailway.co.uk for more details. Scheduled opening dates for 2018 are:


30th March – Good Friday

31st March          (Saturday)

1st April               (Sunday)

2nd April – Easter Monday

5th April               (Thursday)

8th April               (Sunday)

12th April             (Thursday)

15th April             (Sunday)


Gala Weekend and Grand Opening Event

19th May             (Saturday)

20th May             (Sunday)


May Half Term 

26th May             (Saturday)

27th May             (Sunday)

31st May             (Thursday)

2nd June             (Saturday)

3rd June              (Sunday)

10th June            (Sunday)

17th June            (Sunday)

24th June            (Sunday)


Summer Opening Dates

1st July                (Sunday)

8th July                (Sunday)

15th July              (Sunday)

21st July              (Sunday)

22nd July             (Sunday)

26th July              (Thursday)

28th July              (Saturday)

29th July              (Sunday)

2nd August          (Thursday)

4th August           (Saturday)

5th August           (Sunday)

9th August           (Thursday)

11th August         (Saturday)

12th August         (Sunday)

16th August         (Thursday)

18th August         (Saturday)

19th August         (Sunday)

23rd August         (Thursday)

25th August         (Saturday)

26th August         (Sunday)

30th August         (Thursday)

1st September     (Saturday)

2nd September    (Sunday)

9th September     (Sunday)

16th September   (Sunday)

23rd September   (Sunday)

30th September   (Sunday)


October Half Term

21st October        (Sunday)

28th October        (Sunday)