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St Neots Film Festival

Photograph by Maciek Platek
Photograph by Maciek Platek

This year the St Neots Film Festival will take place at Cineworld on 8 and 9 November 2017 showing films of up to twenty minutes from any genre which can be be submitted free to the festival by local filmmakers.

Prizes will be awarded to winners from the following categories: documentaries, films by children, films by teenagers and films by adults. One film will also be selected as the Mayor’s Choice. Submissions should be emailed to melina@stneotsfilmfestival.co.uk by midday on 8 October 2017.

The event has attracted sponsorship from Into Film, an organisation which gives children and young people the opportunity to experience film creatively whether that be watching, critiquing or making.

Last year around 200 cinema goers enjoyed 40 short films which showcased the work of filmmakers from the Cambridgeshire area. The 2016 winners were:

  • Best film by an adult – The Birch by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton
  • Best film by a child – Italy by Amber Moore
  • Best film by a teenager – The Door by Olivia Jordan
  • Best documentary – The Great Fen Spitfire by Martyn Moore

After picking up the 2016 best film by adults award, Huntingdon based Ben Franklin, co-director of

The Birch said, “I hope this year serves as an inspiration for all other local filmmakers, that they too can have their films selected as part of this festival and have their achievements recognised in the same way we did. If you enjoy filmmaking there are so many opportunities for you to be able to get out and shoot your short film now, even if it’s simply just by using your camera-phone.”

For more information please visit www.stneotsfilmfestival.co.uk