St Neots Parish Church

St Mary's Church by Steve Bond

St Neots has three Anglican churches all called St Mary’s, of which this one St Mary’s Parish Church is referred to as the Cathedral of Huntingdonshire and features the life of Christ depicted in stained glass windows.

The first parish church on the site was built in the 12th century and there are traces of 13th and 14th century work inside. The church as we see it today was rebuilt in its present form in the 15th century and has an impressive 130ft tower with a peal of 8 bells, and inside there are many interesting carvings on the roof timbers.

Opposite the church is the 19th century flint and brick former vicarage. To the left is the red brick wall that once surrounded Old Hall Place, an 18th century mansion. A gateway survives, with gates in elaborate wrought iron and in the 1950’s an archaeological dig revealed a large Anglo-Saxon settlement in the area to the east of the wall.